Adventure in Akitio - Akitio to Porangahau

––– Pure adventure on the East Coast.

Be awed by the beauty of this rural, coastal journey rich in history and authenticity. Perfect for groups of friends and families.

Welcome to Akitio Station.

Day one

Suggested Itinerary - Arrive as early in the day as possible to settle into the lodge and meet our hosts Jenny and Ed. After an walk around the village you will quickly realise the the depth of history in this place and hear of the incredible feats of human endurance which have kept it so alive.
Relax into the evening sharing precious time with your group, while a meal is prepared for you. Leave the clean up to us and rest up in preparation for your journey.

Kina ariki
(lat. evechinus chloroticus). sea urchin, considered a delicacy by Māori

Day two

After an early morning beach walk or yoga on the deck, we enjoy a hearty breakfast, pack our morning tea and set off up onto the Akitio Station ridge line. We enjoy stunning views from Cape Turnagin in the North to Castle Point in the south, for much of the trek over to Herbertville. We meet you here with a picnic lunch and will have the billy boiling for a hot drink.
From here we have a 7 km walk through the rustic bach community to Tautane Station to be greeted by our hosts Ian and Kirsten, the shearers quarters is our accommodation for the night.
After the 20 km trek a shower and a well deserved glass of Rose' or a cold beer will await as we share a meal once again prepared for us by Pia.

Day Three

To begin the day there is an optional sunrise walk to the top of Cape Turnagin. The dramatic scenery and the height from which you can view the sunrise is quite unique.
After a gentle restorative yoga stretch and a wholesome breakfast we set off over Tautane Station to the small town of Porangahau. Here the Mojo Van picks you up and transfers you to the beautiful Chapelwick homestead. Enjoy a walk around this old beauty and a quiet moment in the family chapel, while your delicious trampers lunch is prepared for you.


––– Pure adventure at Akitio.

NZ$ 1025 pp (GST included) based on 6 people.

3 days 2 nights

Track Terrain
Some hills, undulating farm land and well formed farm tracks, firm sandy beach and road.

Distance and Fitness level.
20 km on day one 16 km day two. Fitness level 4

Recommended group size
Minimum 4, maximum 8

What’s included?


  • Two days guided and fully supported trekking on Akitio and Tautane Stations
  • Accommodation for two nights at Akitio Station Retreat and Tautane Station shearers quarters
  • Curing and smoking master class
  • All meals prepared and provided for you using fresh quality, ingredients including locally caught sea food (subject to availability).


Customise your journey

Variations on activities, distances, duration of stay, lunch box or fine dining experience – the possibilities are endless. This Mojo Journey can be customised to create an unforgettable memory.

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