Mojo Journeys

Find yourself
out there

Mojo Journeys is much more than just a trekking experience.
We promise ambitious, soulful walking, which will challenge and inspire personal growth while providing the space to nurture your Mojo, here in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.

Mojo Walks

is in all of us

Step out into the 'real' world. Expose yourself to beautiful, authentic places and have the best, most restful time you have had in ages.

Mojo Retreat

Mangarara - Well-being and Growth Retreat

Retreat from the usual and invest time in your Mojo. Be nurtured through gentle trekking, yoga and mindfulness, beautiful food, uplifting stories and facilitated self reflection.

Mojo Friends Weekend

Treat yourself
with friends

Get out of town with a group of special friends and make the glorious Hawke's Bay your destination. The quintessential 'friends' weekend based around your choice of a one day walk, wineries, and excellent cuisine, awaits.


Come walk with me

I am Ange Tremain, mid centurion, wife and mother, educator and founder of Mojo Journeys. I love the outdoors and all that it inspires in me. The 'Mojo Journey' allows you to step outside your regular life to breathe, reflect, challenge yourself, invest in friendships and have the best time you have had in ages.

I invite you to join me on your own Mojo Journey and discover it for yourself.

Angela Tremain

Founder of Mojo Journeys

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